Link School of Business is the first college to achieve the Wheelguide Certification


Administration school with an emphasis on entrepreneurship received recognition for good accessibility practices on Thursday

Link School of Business (LSB) received on Thursday (December, 10th) the Guiaderodas Certification, which recognizes accessibility best practices. The school is the first higher education institution to achieve this mark.

“The Guiaderodas Certification benefits all:  the school, the students and  all the visitors who come to Link Campus. We hope, therefore, to be an example to be followed”,

says Álvaro Schocair, founder of LSB.
Link School of Business - Certificação Guiaderodas

“The Guiaderodas Certification is a great achievement for Link. [ … ] Having a reference certificate in the area of accessibility which helps provide inclusion in everyday life gives us great pride”,

says Luiza Azevedo, College Dean.

The Wheelguide Certification

The Guiaderodas Certification helps companies and enterprises to get ready to include all people in their staff and visitors, stimulating and rewarding the eradication of both architectural and attitudinal barriers. The certification has been consolidating itself as a decisive instrument for companies from various segments to take important steps in sustainable development.

“The certification process supports the aspects of environmental, social and governance sustainability – which compose the increasingly known acronym ESG -, since the activities carried out, in addition to being guided by local norms and laws, also strengthen policies and work relations based on the values of inclusion and diversity, employee engagement, workforce training, human rights and relations with communities”, says Bruno Mahfuz, founding partner of Wheelguide.

In Schocair’s point of view, the ESG practices are “extremely important” issues. “The companies of the future will definitely think about their performance much more broadly than the simple economic profit. This goal has already been set by many organizations and we will see the trails being covered in the years to come,” he says. Moreover: “The impact of private initiative will be significantly higher than that of government spheres. Companies are already at the forefront and their intensity will dictate the pace of major changes.” he predicts. 

Impact entrepreneurship

The LSB is a school of Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship – including the so-called Impact Entrepreneurship, which combines social repercussions with financial results. Inaugurated in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the institution has a teaching method focused on practice and counts on the partnership of successful entrepreneurs and companies, intending to bring the classroom and the reality of the work market closer together.

“We believe that young people nowadays are more and more aware of their role in society, more engaged and collaborative. Impact entrepreneurship has been growing a lot by the desire of new generations to improve the environment in which they live. At Link, we provide the greatest support to this type of entrepreneurship, focusing on creating more and more profitable impact companies”

says Luiza Azevedo.

The School Campus is located in the capital of São Paulo and was designed to welcome everyone from the beginning.